Wednesday, April 22, 2009

F.R.O.G. is a Leap of Faith!

The women's ministry at our church hosts weekly Bible studies. We have seasonal sessions -- each one offers a wide variety of studies in the form of DVDs, videos, books, and study guides. The winter session ended a few weeks ago and the leadership decided it was best to take a l-o-n-g spring break and start up the new studies in July.

During the winter session our Bible study class experienced a time of stretching, pruning, growing, crying, and lots of laughing. Our material included the book, Move Over Victoria, I Know the Real Secret by Nancy Kennedy. During our weeks together we were blessed with God's presence in our classroom. But before it ended we watched one of the girls have a new beginning. She had been hungry for God for a long time and she was looking for Him. We were privileged to see her literally "come to Jesus". Whoo hoo, what a blessing to all of us.

When that happened I invited her to get together for some weekly one-on-one discipleship until our Bible studies started up again in July at church. Some of the other girls in the class jumped on that idea and wanted to come, too! Then 'word of mouth' brought sweet new friends from the community to our little group even before we started up!
Since we are meeting at The Frosty Frog Creamery & Cafe each week I decided that I would try to be clever and come up with a name for our little group. I told my sister about it and she said, "What about F.R.O.G. which means Fully Rely On God?" I couldn't stop laughing. Then I gave us a name:

F.R.O.G. Discipleship Group @ The Frosty Frog

Then one of the girls (Amy) in F.R.O.G said, "Hey, does that make us 'PollyWogs' or 'Polly's Frogs'??????"

We are studying passages in the book of John and getting a close look at the amazing relationship between Jesus and His Father. We're also feeding on the wisdom of Oswald Chambers and his best seller, My Utmost For His Highest. And boy, do we have fun because our focus is our Lord and how to know Him better!

So, guess what's continuing to happen? We are having a time of stretching, pruning, growing, crying, and laughing....and oh yeah, we're eating, too! Well, it IS a restaurant and the food is delicious! I guess you could say we are feeding our souls on the Word of God and our bodies are being nourished with the fresh wraps, soups, and salads served at The Frog.

Our Lord's Living Water (John 7:38) continues to flow as we keep seeking Him. That's what He does when anyone is thirsty for the refreshment of the one and only Savior Jesus Christ. He is like a cool drink of water. He is our fountain of life and we F.R.O.G.s have joyfully hopped in the water and we are drinking it in !!!!!

May He be your cool drink of water. He is the God who refreshes! :)
Love and blessings,