Monday, October 26, 2009

HE is speaking all the time!

It took me a very long time to realize that God speaks to His children all the time. Day & night. He speaks to us through the reading of His word. He speaks to us through the beauty of creation: we see His heart when we look at the glorious sunsets, breath-taking mountain views, hear and watch the mesmerizing waves that rhythmically roll up and down the shoreline of the beaches. And on and on. Creation is as limitless as HE is. But this is one way He speaks to us. We see His greatness and His majesty in all He has made. No one is like Him either. Nope. No one.

He also prompts other people to speak to us about His will...and most of the time we don't even realize we have been part of His plan for someone else's life! Another way He speaks to us is through His Holy Spirit -- to prompt us to do things, too. But we have to be listening. We have to pray and spend private, personal time with Him on a regular basis. Eventually we get in tune with Who He is and What He wants. Then He puts desires in our hearts to do His will.

The way I discovered the fact that God speaks to me all the time came from looking back over my journals....thoughts and ideas I write down while I spend my mornings with Jesus and His word. He inspires me with His presence in my life. He gives me a love for people that is really His love that comes out of me. How do I know that? Because the love is unconditional. I find that I care. I just simply care. It's heartfelt. It's deep.

For example:
Recently I was invited to possibly be a part of a devotional/Bible study with the cheerleaders at Creekview High School. I had a desire to find out more so I accompanied the Cherokee County Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Female Sports Director Amy Turcotte to a meeting with the cheerleading coach Meagan Biello and the senior/junior cheerleaders. We met in Coach's classroom at 7 a.m. The girls were in their cheerleading uniforms because they were cheering for a game that night. They were pretty girls with beautiful smiles. A couple of them began sharing their hearts...and then when they were asked to raise their hands if they would like to have a regular Bible study, all 25 girls raised their hands!

It was precious. They were "hungry" and my heart was willing. I said I would lead a brief study on Fridays at 7:15 a.m. -- just before our group goes to the school auditorium for a FCA assembly each week. Awesome.

I asked Amy if I could bring Chris Tomlin (just his CD!!!) so we could sing before I led the studies. "Sure!" was Amy's answer. I warned the girls before we began to sing that I only make a joyful noise, that I wasn't a song leader. After we started singing I know they believed me! :) My relationship with the cheerleaders is not even a month old and I already have Jesus' love for them.

One week one of the girls showed up at 7 a.m. before anyone else and as I was walking up to the locked classroom door I saw her sitting in the hallway with a huge basket. When I asked her what was in her basket she told me they were her mom's freshly homemade sausage biscuits, and egg & cheese biscuits for our little group. In past weeks other girls have been voluntarily bringing donuts and jugs of orange juice. And God is always evident when we get together. These girls do not have to attend, they are choosing to come before school even starts!
When we get together God teaches us and reminds us that He is what true love is all about. There is nothing more amazing than that. He's inspired me to keep telling the girls that He knows them and He is the only one who knows all things and controls all things and has power over all things.

I have told the girls that God knows everything about them --all the time-- whether each one of them is a Christian or not. "He knows YOU!" I said to them. Then I said, "But the life-changing blessing is when you know HIM!!!!"

I am so thankful to God for this blessing to my heart and to my life.
Love & blessings to you all!
Polly :)