Monday, November 15, 2010

"Were All You Christian Americans Asleep?"

Yesterday I had a That Girl Marketing consultation meeting with a new client. We met at what I call my satellite office, Starbucks. It was a rainy, dreary kind of day -- and so dark and chilly that it could easily have distracted a child of God from having a thankful heart. But not this baby, not this time! I was "prayed up" for my meeting and I had marketing ideas to share that I believed would give my client her own brand that would be a powerful punch to jumpstart her business.
When I first arrived the only available seat was along a padded bench and I really wanted a table where I could write notes easier during our meeting. Within minutes two women got up from a table by the window and left. I jumped up with my coffee and briefcase and quietly claimed the table. I was situated between two groups of people sitting at tables and they were both finely-tuned into their conversations. The group I was facing consisted of probably 20-somethings and one of the guys was passionately leading the conversation. A couple of Bibles were on their table and notebooks were open. "How cool is that? Thank you, Lord, for letting me experience this," I thought to myself. Then behind me I heard someone end a prayer. It was also a mixed group and a they were little older than the first group. When I turned around and glanced and I also noticed there were Bibles on their table, too.
I was about to get tears in my eyes from joy and excitement to think I live in a country where --for now anyway -- we can freely and openly worship God and carry Bibles. We were sitting in a public place. "Wow, Lord, do we Americans take this for granted? I think we do and there's always someone who wants to take all this away from God's people." But I was charged up because I know God and I know He will have His way, and right now there are His people who openly are studying His word.
This experience took only moments and my client came in, greeted me and went to the counter. As the rain outside was soaking the parched ground I was soaking in the presence of God and the privilege we Americans are able to enjoy. But for how long, O Lord?
I remember many years ago I interviewed a pair of missionaries who were leading a powerful, widespread revival in South Africa. During their visit to the U.S. they told me they watched as American Christians gradually allowed abortion to be legalized and profanity and pornography to become the highlight of American TV. They told me the rest of the world watches Americans and then imitates us in our dress, behavior, and our lifestyles. One of the missionaries said to me, "As we saw this happening in your country we asked ourselves, 'What are those Christian Americans doing by allowing all these things to become legalized? Were you all asleep?! Why weren't you fighting against all this by having powerful prayer vigils to stop this and rising up with the truth of God's word?'"
Ugh. I didn't have an answer because he was speaking the truth. Yes, God is sovereign and He could have stopped it from happening but the Bible says, 'we reap what we sow' (Galatians 6:7). Maybe we are sleepy Christian Americans. It's a lot of hard work -- in fact it takes a lot of self-discipline to be faithful in prayer and to be diligent in shining the light of Christ with our lifestyles and our words on a daily basis.
"They refused to listen and failed to remember the miracles you performed among them. They became stiff-necked and in their rebellion appointed a leader in order to return to their slavery. But you are a forgiving God, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love." (Nehemiah 9:17)
As Christians, God gives us choices: life and death, blessing and curses, sin and obedience. It's Easier to Sin Than To Obey was the title of the devotional study I shared this morning with the adorable teachers at a public high school (another privilege in America). In our study we looked at the Apostle Paul who said it loud and clear, "I have the desire to do good but I cannot carry it out...who will rescue me...thanks be to God--through the Lord Jesus Christ!"(Romans 7:17-18, 24, 25)
So, my fellow Christian Americans, what are we each going to do? What are we going to do with the weapons of warfare God has put in our hands? (Ephesians 6:10-18)

I know there's an army of 20-somethings in America who all are filled with a deep passion to follow Christ. They need our prayers and our support -- and the rest of America needs Jesus as LORD, too.
Was my experience yesterday a wake-up call for me? I think so. It was an experience and a privilege that I do not want to lose. I don't want the generations who are coming behind us to lose it, either.
There is hope for our sleepy souls. I'll say it again, there is HOPE: "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14)
We are the body of Christ. His word is our life. " not let Him find you sleeping. What I say to you, I say to everyone: 'Watch!'" (Mark 13:37)
Love & blessings,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

HPN: Praying in the Background to Bring Christ Center Stage

When our daughter Grace told us she believed God was calling her to Hollywood, CA, as her mission field, our prayer life increased dramatically. Yes, God has given her amazing gifts that are inspiring and several of them include the performing arts: piano, dance, singing, improv, theater, comedy, and even television and film performances as a background actor. Fine. It's true and we know it. She's also a faithful child of God so it wasn't far-fetched that God would send her there three years ago.
But since our family lives in Metro Atlanta all we knew was that Hollywood's entertainment industry was dishing out so much sex, violence, perversions, blasphemy, profanity, and the ever-popular denying the existence of God, it was like an all-you-can-stomach buffet! We knew the entertainment industry had a delusional grip on a younger generation, enticing them into the false promises that fame and fortune would satisfy those empty holes in their hearts so they could find contentment.
But God had a connection for Grace already prepared before she arrived in sunny California: The Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN). This non-profit group was birthed in Hollywood by Director Karen Covell and Grace, through a family member's connection, was introduced to Karen.
We had no idea there was a well-established, organized group of Christians in Hollywood who were members of every area of the entertainment industry; filmmakers, actors, directors, producers, photographers, writers, -- you get the idea -- and these believers are passionately praying for God to send a revival and save souls in the entertainment industry there. They are going for the heart! They know if hearts are changed the industry will change what it's selling. These faithful ones called to serve Almighty God in Hollywood also know Hollywood has been calling the shots so to speak, and influencing an entire society (and world) with false promises and materialistic, idolatrous temptations of the flesh.
However, God is hearing the prayers of the HPN and He's raising up an army of His people in Hollywood and their numbers are growing and their influence is spreading. They are praying for others to join them! To date, HPN has 40 Chapters all over the U.S. now! There are 11 International Local HPN Chapters (including Asia, Australia, and Canada). Something very interesting, these people in the 11 international countries are well-organized HPN chapters PRAYING FOR THE U.S. ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY because they want to see a revival of hearts in the U.S. entertainment industry!!!! They are fully aware of the influence it is having on --not just our own back yard-- but the world!
Grace was involved in a HPN Prayer Vigil at a church in Hollywood area. The HPN members signed up to come in at designated times so they would be praying around the clock. The walls in their prayer room were covered with photos of well-known actors and actressess and they were prayed for by name. HPN has a newsletter and keeps up with the popular performers so they can effectively pray for them!
There is something we all can do to see enriching, edifying, joyful and encouraging entertainment pour out of Hollywood and into our local theaters and TV screens. Karen has mentioned three things on the HPN website:
1-Please commit to pray that God would bless their mission field with His Presence to see Him "heal our land and transform hearts."
2-Request materials to pass on to friends, families, and pastors to spread the vision to pray for Hollywood as a mission field.
3-Encourage talented believers to join the mission field to shine more of Christ's light in Hollywood.
4-Support financially with a tax-deductible donation to help keep the ministry of prayer for Hollywood alive. Send your donations to: Hollywood Prayer Network, 1763 N. Glower St., Hollywood, CA, 90028.
You, know, we pray for missionaries in countries all over the world....and that's what we should be doing!!!! And our own country needs our prayers, too! I am sharing what I have learned about HPN and I'm overjoyed that God is working in Hollywood and His people there need our prayers to help fulfill the Great Commission!
Will you visit the HPN website and check out what they are doing? Will you visit the Hollywood Prayer Network on Facebook and read and pray through the list of compassionate requests for Hollywood's stars and their struggles in stardom?
Here's the Atlanta Chapter Link. Will you pray for God's people who are taking a stand against the darkness? They ARE making a difference. They need our prayers to keep going.
Love & blessings,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spiritual Mothering: Mentoring for Such a Time as This

Spiritual Mothering is not a new concept. It's a Biblical principle spelled out for us in Titus 2:3-5:
"Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will align the word of God."

Spiritual mothering doesn't leave anyone out, in my opinion. We all can be building God's kingdom by becoming mentor/friends to the next generation. The key is: we have to be willing! Do we care about those who are coming behind us? All of us have someone who is younger than we are -- oh, yes we do, Sistas! -- 20-year-olds can encourage teens in the ways of the Lord, 80-year-olds can share life experiences to the middle-aged women, 12-year-old girls can make a difference in the lives of girls who are younger.
Our lifestyle is our testimony and that's what will draw a younger women to a Spiritual Mother/mentor/friend. It was almost 30 years ago when I was a new Christian and I read that "young" women should seek out an "older" woman who is a godly example and then to "get to know her and learn God's ways from her."
Mrs. Lowell Green has been that Spiritual Mother for me. (Her name is Evelyn but she always wanted to be addressed as Mrs. Lowell Green even after becoming a widow.) When I joined the church where she and Mr. Green were members I noticed immediately she was known as a prayer warrior throughout the church, she and her husband fervently prayed for missionaries and regularly participated in retreats and conferences all over the U.S. Mrs. Green was seen and known as humble-spirited, faithful in her walk and ways, and everyone knew her and Lowell to be pillars in the faith. Actually, they were fierce prayer warriors.

So I sought her out. A very special bond quickly developed. I believe God knit our hearts together. In the early years we began to meet regularly at her home in metro Atlanta -- she was widowed by then -- and she'd make us lunch and then we'd pray together. She'd share her heart with me and I'd share mine with her's. We'd pray for our families, friends, church, missionaries, the world, our country's leaders, you name it she wanted to cover it in prayer.

She'd often say, "The hardest thing for a Christian to do is pray!" She said that because we each have to make a sacrifice of our time and energy to pray. And, there are those distractions that come to attempt to hinder us from praying: the mind wanders, the laundry pile calls our name, the phone rings, or we say we're too tired or too busy and "I'll get back to you later, God.".
Mrs. Green cared about everybody. She'd clearly remember the names of people she met on retreats and conferences and we'd pray about their calamities and celebrate their praises. People regularly approached her in person and by phone to ask her to pray for them. Over decades she has shared herself with many other mentees who desired to be close to her and they always cherished time spent with her. She made meals for friends in need. She baked a mean pound cake. She visited the sick and often when after our time together I'd drive her to visit one of her dear friends who was paralyzed from the neck down with MS. Gwen quickly became my friend, too. The woman is a Proverbs 31 woman through and through!

Mrs. Green's first answer to everything is prayer. Pray without ceasing. Trust God and pray believing He will glorify His Name with His response. Along with carrying around a heart for God she had a dry sense of humor and a quick wit. I loved to make her laugh. When she'd get her feelings hurt by some situation she'd pray and ask God to help her push any negative thoughts out of her head. She was always quick to ask God for forgiveness in case it was 'her fault'. When we would be preparing to pray together she'd become saddened over the corruption and rebellion in the U.S. --- we've lost our first love (Christ) and thrown away our birthrights from our Founding Fathers who were Christians! She was and is grieved that the church is not shining the light of Christ and not praying, really praying on our knees daily in repentance and faith.
A few months ago, in March, I attended a small celebration of Mrs. Green's 100th birthday. Her son, David, and daughter Anna, hosted a delightful party on Peachtree Rd. in Atlanta where Mrs. Green lives in a retirement home.
At 100, Mrs. Green has dementia and does not recognize faces easily anymore. Once an avid reader, she's had to give it up. But at her birthday party she was enjoying her cake. She was on her second piece and also had some punch. Then there was another piece of cake on the table, untouched, and she was staring at it. I said, "Do you want another piece of cake?" I was laughing because I know of her dry wit and I said, "You've had two... do you want another?" Someone at the party said, "Hey, she's 100 years old today and she's Mrs. Green and she can have anything she wants today!" We were all laughing. I pushed the plate in front of her!

Mrs. Green has always loved her sweets. Before she weakened to the state she's in now, I used to take her to one of her favorite places to eat, Chick-fil-A, to order the chicken noodle soup, crackers, and the famous lemonade. We'd refill the lemonade and take it with us so she could sip on it all afternoon. During those lunches she kept thanking me for taking her there and said it was "so great to get outdoors again and do this with you".

She looked so beautiful on her birthday because God is living inside her and glorifying His name every day she's alive. She has often said she is longing to see the her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ face to face and is very enthusiastic at the thought of seeing 'her Lowell' again!

I can't possibly list all the ways Mrs. Green has blessed my life and the rich teachings that came from watching her persevere and live her life. She loves God with all her heart, soul, strength and mind and her neighbor as herself. I believe anyone who really knows her will tell you the same thing. I thank the Lord that He brought her into my life in such a special way! She has left a legacy for me:

Sistas, our country is in trouble. There is a lot we can do. For such a time as this: Is God calling you to become a Spiritual Mother/Mentor/Friend -- no matter what your age? Or are you hungry for a Spiritual Mother/Mentor and afraid to ask for a new friendship/mentor? Pray and ask God if he's speaking to you to step out. Put your foot in the water and see if God will part the sea. We can be God's lighthouses and Jesus can be the light that shines through us to bring people to Himself and to rescue our Sistas who are struggling. We are all in this together. We are the body of Christ.

Love & blessings,


Monday, May 10, 2010

It Takes a Village, People!

After nine years of hosting and leading a women's Bible study in my neighborhood and then one season of teaching women's Bible studies in my home church, First Baptist Woodstock, I began getting recurring thoughts and becoming more and more desirous of hosting a women's Bible study --outside the four walls of the church -- in a central location in our county area. The year was 2009. Since this desire was growing I sensed it was the will of God for me to pursue it so I shared this vision by sporadically mentioning it to a few friends.

One friend and Sista in Christ, Jamie Williams, founder and president of Five Talents Wealth Management, ( said she was networking with another business owner, Ben Looper of Southeast Restoration Group ( in the Holly Springs area who was very supportive of community service and evangelism. Jamie said she'd be glad to ask him about providing space for That Girl Marketing ( to host a marketplace ministry for women.
The answer? An enthusiastic, "Yes!" from Ben included a very generous option of which meeting room I wanted to use, too! I was already overwhelmed with God's goodness and the 'red carpet' treatment I was receiving.

I realized that when I took the step of faith and 'put my foot in the water to see if God would part the sea' He sent a tidal wave of His favor in October 2009 and lightlunch was born! HIS LIGHT (the devotions I planned to share each week) and the ladies' BROWN BAG LUNCH (they'd bring each week) was the plan! The idea came to begin compiling devotions from my own inspired personal devotions and use them to be the study material.I created flyers and began to publicize That Girl Marketing's lightlunch was beginning January 7, 2010, in Holly Springs! I also sent an e-mail invite to all the Sistas on my database.
The following day I received an e-mail response from another Sista in Christ, Diane Oberkrom, founder of The Soul Food Market ( who joyfully offered to donate her freshly baked, made-from-scratch muffins for lightlunch! Her e-mail stated: "Could I leave a big box of Scripture-wrapped muffins on your front porch the night before each lightlunch for your lady friends? It will be like manna from heaven, you just gather it up in the fuss no muss." Diane told me God wants her to provide this 'manna' for my marketplace ministry! I need to mention that Diane has a full-time corporate day job in a bank in downtown Atlanta! As God continues to open doors in the marketplace for these devotional Bible studies, Diane remains steady in coming alongside That Girl on this wild ride!

The Lord was in these details and the flow of His favor spills over! Since that time God has opened the door for additional marketplace ministry...this time to women teachers in a local high school! Therefore, rise 'n shine Devotional Breakfast was birthed!

I don't believe I could have the privilege of the ministry to the precious teachers without the door being opened for me previously to be the chaplain to the girls' golf team and the cheerleaders' chaplain at Creekview High School by Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) of Cherokee County ( ).

No one can do any of this alone! "Apart from Me you can do nothing." (John 15:5 NIV). It really does take a 'village' of God's people to network together to accomplish His purposes in this world.

I don't know where all of this is heading as far as what God has planned, but I will say, "PRAISE THE LORD! ALL GLORY TO GOD!" A fall lightlunch will be hosted on Thursdays, beginning August 12, 2010, at Southeast Restoration Group. This is all for you, Sistas. Contact info is below!

Thank you, Lord! I am blessed beyond what I could of asked of Him or thought of asking Him! (Eph. 3:20) And that's WHO HE IS!

Love & blessings,


Friday, January 29, 2010

A Standing Ovation

It was yesterday that I was on an airplane flying from Pasadena, CA, to our home in Canton, GA, and I was listening to an old song from the group Kool & The Gang called "Celebration". I think that all of my life I have been greatly inspired by music. I thoroughly enjoy listening to music and I seem to naturally want to dance to it or at least tap my toe or bob my head....something to keep with the beat!

Since Jesus Christ saved me from the 'old me' and I became HIS, music has taken on a whole new meaning to me. Worship music can really inspire me to 'rock' my body with a very thankful heart for what my LORD has sacrificed and given to me.
Now I can interpret in my 'new' mind songs like "We Are Family", "Celebration", "Ain't No Mountain", and they can become songs to my LORD with great exhiliaration and thankfulness. That's just me.
So you get the point that I'm at a point in my life where I am really ready to thank God for WHAT He has actually done for me and for all HIS children. I am ready to par-tay! HE is so good.
I believe that our God not only deserves our PRAISE but I am a believer that our God deserves our STANDING OVATION!!!!! Yes! This inspiration began when, a few years ago, I watched Pastor Louie Giglio and his team fill up entire stadiums and massive conference halls with college students who were hungry for answers and he would always serve them the nutrition they needed to thrive and survive: JESUS CHRIST, the Risen Lord. Pastor Louie and his team founded and hosted PASSION, now a world-wide event for the upcoming generation.

I watched the PASSION 2010 CONFERENCE on-line while our daughter Mary was there as a member of the mulitudes at Phillips Arena in Atlanta this month. I saw Pastor Louie exhort the sea of students to keep standing and to give God a standing ovation for HIS greatness. As I watched this in my home office at my computer, I thought, "Wow. Not only is God working to rescue the next generation, but Louie Gigilo is trying to tell the next generation to not only stand up and stop worrying about what other people think of them but to literally stand up in front of everyone and give GOD a standing ovation. Wow. I was very moved by that act. And this is something he does regularly!
After attending a couple of his Passion City Church worship services here in Atlanta and watching thePASSION 2010 conference on my computer, it appeared to me that Pastor Louie absolutely delights in publicly giving God a standing ovation.

God was impressing my heart in this and I knew it. The King Of Glory DOES deserve a standing ovation from each one of HIS children everyday, and not because of what HE does but because of WHO HE is!

I began to give God standing ovations during my own personal devotional times and it continues to bring tears to my eyes...probably because I know it pleases HIM but also because I know that HE must become greater and I must become 'less'. Something happens to me when I do this and it's a good thing. It's a very good thing.

Well, I didn't tell anyone about this until I was reading a new book by Max Lucado called 'Cure for the Common Life: Living in Your Sweet Spot'. Mr. Lucado has a whole chapter called Applaud God, Loud and Often.

Max Lucado wrote, " Worship gives God honor, offers Him standing ovations. Worship can happen every day in every deed. We can make a big deal about God on Sundays with our songs and on Mondays with our thoughts. Each time we do our best to thank God for giving HIS, we worship." (pg. 73.)

"The chief reason for applauding God? He deserves it...Worship God. Applaud Him loud and often." (pg. 76.)

Between the worshipful example of Pastor Louie Giglio and Max Lucado's mirrored exhortation I've been inspired --no spiritually driven -- to show God in a new way (for me, that is) that I AM THANKFUL FOR HIM.

So of course, now, all the Sistas from all over the community who attend That Girl's lightlunch are joyfully willing to join me each week in giving thanks to God for WHO HE IS with a standing ovation during our weekly get-togethers!

We Sistas give GOD a standing ovation because we know we wouldn't be there if it weren't for HIM and we know it .....because we KNOW HIM. Please join us, Girlfriends, each Wednesday, at the office of Southeast Restoration Group office in Holly Springs. For more information please contact:

With love & blessings, Polly

Thursday, January 14, 2010

911. Katrina. Tsunami. Haiti. What is God saying?

(Graphics copyright AFP)

It's very difficult to comprehend what I am hearing and seeing on the Internet and TV about what has happened in Haiti. The devastation. The countless losses of of lives. Broken bodies. Broken bones. Broken hearts. The number of deaths are growing as news updates flood the airwaves! And yet, Almighty God is still ruling and reigning in the universe while we are seeing untolled suffering. I am asking, "What are you saying to the world, Lord?"

I surely don't have the answer to that question. But God does. He always knows what He's doing and according to His Word he always has a purpose for what He's doing. (Romans 8:28)

In the U.S. we are hearing about this catastrophe that is affecting the world but we have not experienced this particular gargantuan calamity firsthand. However, as God's people we have compassion, hearts of mercy, the power of prayer, and a Christ-driven love for the suffering as we are seeing and hearing about the growing number of widows, widowers, and orphans who are many of the survivors in Haiti right now.

(Photo copyright Reuters)

How do we handle this? First, as His children we all are already linking ourselves to God by dropping to our knees to cry out for mercy for the Haitians. Secondly, as God leads each one of us, of course, we can link ourselves to giving financial help as well. Here's a suggestion to visit:

As God's people we already know we're to pray and to trust Him and love Him with all of "your heart, soul, strength, and mind," and we're to "love our neighbors as ourselves." We are us, Lord, and have mercy on Haiti and be glorified in all these things.
We love you, Lord. Amen.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Shine the Light" in the NEW YEAR!

"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven."
Matthew 5:16
This verse is the mission statement and vision for That Girl Marketing, LLC, a market consulting/ marketplace ministry passionate about building God's kingdom by helping others shine their light. The way I see it we are the body of Christ and as That Girl is used to help others discover and develop their God-given gifts and talents --we build each other up so together, can become radiant, scatter the darkness of this world and bring HIM glory.

One day while I was cleaning our house I turned on WATC-TV 57 to watch Babbie Mason's show, Babbie's House. The singer/songwriter/musician always opens her show with a song and this day she was singing "Shine the Light" and it was my first time hearing it. I stopped what I was doing and sat down in the family room to watch and listen to her anointed, silky voice sing the words that were/are very dear to my heart! Yes, my eyes teared up a little cuz this message is a calling on my life!

(I took this photo at the Atlanta New Year's Eve 2010 Concert @ First Baptist Woodstock. Babbie's at the piano in this picture, and is standing on stage in the picture below.)

After I heard Babbie sing "Shine the Light" on her show I went to my computer to find the song and the lyrics. I found out later that Babbie co-wrote the song and she has given me permission to print the lyrics:
"Shine the Light"
copyright Babbie Mason

"In the parking lot of a coffee shop
Just the other day
She smiled and she said, "Well, I'm doin' okay"
But I felt her pain
I took her hand in mine
Said, "It's gonna work out fine"
But as she turned I wondered
Did I just hand her a line

What she needed most was a word of hope
And a prayer or two
A little more time and a timely word
could have pulled her through
So I think of her
And I wonder too
Is anybody hurting
And sitting next to you?

Shine the light, share the faith
Show the world that Jesus is the answer
That Jesus is the way
Together we can make a difference
Be a beacon in the dark of night
Share your faith
Hold it high
Shine the light

Anywhere you go, any country road
Or city street
Any lonely life, a hurting heart
Somebody in need
They all ask one thing
Where is love and truth
But if you know Jesus
Then you know what to do

Shine the light, share the faith
Show the world that Jesus is the answer
That Jesus is the way
Together we can make a difference
Be a beacon in the dark of night
Share y0ur faith
Hold it high
Shine the light

Let your light so shine
So everybody will see Jesus
Let your light so shine
To glorify your Father in Heaven
Shine the light, Share your faith
Show the world that Jesus is answer
That Jesus is the way
Together we can make a difference
Be a beacon in the dark of night
Share your faith
Hold it high
Shine the light"

Babbie Mason is a wonderful example of someone who shines the light.....she's using her gifts and talents to glorify our Father in Heaven and she's very gracious about it, too. I went with a dear friend who is also a That Girl Marketing client, who was going to be a guest on Babbie's House. We had a few minutes to speak to Babbie and I shared with her that I play "Shine the Light" on my computer while I'm writing and that I've been deeply moved by the music and the lyrics. She has another song on her "All the Best" CD called "It's Good to Be Alive" and I really do play them over and over as I write!

Babbie's response to me was, "Wow!" Then she said, "I'm going to sing that song for you today!" And she did. Whew. Yep, I was crying and praising God.

I pray that as you discover your God-given talents you'll prayerfully work at developing them -- because God has given everyone gifts to be used for His glory.

To view Babbie's music, concert schedules, and CDs contact: or e-mail her @

With love & blessings, Polly