Thursday, January 14, 2010

911. Katrina. Tsunami. Haiti. What is God saying?

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It's very difficult to comprehend what I am hearing and seeing on the Internet and TV about what has happened in Haiti. The devastation. The countless losses of of lives. Broken bodies. Broken bones. Broken hearts. The number of deaths are growing as news updates flood the airwaves! And yet, Almighty God is still ruling and reigning in the universe while we are seeing untolled suffering. I am asking, "What are you saying to the world, Lord?"

I surely don't have the answer to that question. But God does. He always knows what He's doing and according to His Word he always has a purpose for what He's doing. (Romans 8:28)

In the U.S. we are hearing about this catastrophe that is affecting the world but we have not experienced this particular gargantuan calamity firsthand. However, as God's people we have compassion, hearts of mercy, the power of prayer, and a Christ-driven love for the suffering as we are seeing and hearing about the growing number of widows, widowers, and orphans who are many of the survivors in Haiti right now.

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How do we handle this? First, as His children we all are already linking ourselves to God by dropping to our knees to cry out for mercy for the Haitians. Secondly, as God leads each one of us, of course, we can link ourselves to giving financial help as well. Here's a suggestion to visit:

As God's people we already know we're to pray and to trust Him and love Him with all of "your heart, soul, strength, and mind," and we're to "love our neighbors as ourselves." We are us, Lord, and have mercy on Haiti and be glorified in all these things.
We love you, Lord. Amen.