Friday, January 29, 2010

A Standing Ovation

It was yesterday that I was on an airplane flying from Pasadena, CA, to our home in Canton, GA, and I was listening to an old song from the group Kool & The Gang called "Celebration". I think that all of my life I have been greatly inspired by music. I thoroughly enjoy listening to music and I seem to naturally want to dance to it or at least tap my toe or bob my head....something to keep with the beat!

Since Jesus Christ saved me from the 'old me' and I became HIS, music has taken on a whole new meaning to me. Worship music can really inspire me to 'rock' my body with a very thankful heart for what my LORD has sacrificed and given to me.
Now I can interpret in my 'new' mind songs like "We Are Family", "Celebration", "Ain't No Mountain", and they can become songs to my LORD with great exhiliaration and thankfulness. That's just me.
So you get the point that I'm at a point in my life where I am really ready to thank God for WHAT He has actually done for me and for all HIS children. I am ready to par-tay! HE is so good.
I believe that our God not only deserves our PRAISE but I am a believer that our God deserves our STANDING OVATION!!!!! Yes! This inspiration began when, a few years ago, I watched Pastor Louie Giglio and his team fill up entire stadiums and massive conference halls with college students who were hungry for answers and he would always serve them the nutrition they needed to thrive and survive: JESUS CHRIST, the Risen Lord. Pastor Louie and his team founded and hosted PASSION, now a world-wide event for the upcoming generation.

I watched the PASSION 2010 CONFERENCE on-line while our daughter Mary was there as a member of the mulitudes at Phillips Arena in Atlanta this month. I saw Pastor Louie exhort the sea of students to keep standing and to give God a standing ovation for HIS greatness. As I watched this in my home office at my computer, I thought, "Wow. Not only is God working to rescue the next generation, but Louie Gigilo is trying to tell the next generation to not only stand up and stop worrying about what other people think of them but to literally stand up in front of everyone and give GOD a standing ovation. Wow. I was very moved by that act. And this is something he does regularly!
After attending a couple of his Passion City Church worship services here in Atlanta and watching thePASSION 2010 conference on my computer, it appeared to me that Pastor Louie absolutely delights in publicly giving God a standing ovation.

God was impressing my heart in this and I knew it. The King Of Glory DOES deserve a standing ovation from each one of HIS children everyday, and not because of what HE does but because of WHO HE is!

I began to give God standing ovations during my own personal devotional times and it continues to bring tears to my eyes...probably because I know it pleases HIM but also because I know that HE must become greater and I must become 'less'. Something happens to me when I do this and it's a good thing. It's a very good thing.

Well, I didn't tell anyone about this until I was reading a new book by Max Lucado called 'Cure for the Common Life: Living in Your Sweet Spot'. Mr. Lucado has a whole chapter called Applaud God, Loud and Often.

Max Lucado wrote, " Worship gives God honor, offers Him standing ovations. Worship can happen every day in every deed. We can make a big deal about God on Sundays with our songs and on Mondays with our thoughts. Each time we do our best to thank God for giving HIS, we worship." (pg. 73.)

"The chief reason for applauding God? He deserves it...Worship God. Applaud Him loud and often." (pg. 76.)

Between the worshipful example of Pastor Louie Giglio and Max Lucado's mirrored exhortation I've been inspired --no spiritually driven -- to show God in a new way (for me, that is) that I AM THANKFUL FOR HIM.

So of course, now, all the Sistas from all over the community who attend That Girl's lightlunch are joyfully willing to join me each week in giving thanks to God for WHO HE IS with a standing ovation during our weekly get-togethers!

We Sistas give GOD a standing ovation because we know we wouldn't be there if it weren't for HIM and we know it .....because we KNOW HIM. Please join us, Girlfriends, each Wednesday, at the office of Southeast Restoration Group office in Holly Springs. For more information please contact:

With love & blessings, Polly