Tuesday, October 5, 2010

HPN: Praying in the Background to Bring Christ Center Stage

When our daughter Grace told us she believed God was calling her to Hollywood, CA, as her mission field, our prayer life increased dramatically. Yes, God has given her amazing gifts that are inspiring and several of them include the performing arts: piano, dance, singing, improv, theater, comedy, and even television and film performances as a background actor. Fine. It's true and we know it. She's also a faithful child of God so it wasn't far-fetched that God would send her there three years ago.
But since our family lives in Metro Atlanta all we knew was that Hollywood's entertainment industry was dishing out so much sex, violence, perversions, blasphemy, profanity, and the ever-popular denying the existence of God, it was like an all-you-can-stomach buffet! We knew the entertainment industry had a delusional grip on a younger generation, enticing them into the false promises that fame and fortune would satisfy those empty holes in their hearts so they could find contentment.
But God had a connection for Grace already prepared before she arrived in sunny California: The Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN). This non-profit group was birthed in Hollywood by Director Karen Covell and Grace, through a family member's connection, was introduced to Karen.
We had no idea there was a well-established, organized group of Christians in Hollywood who were members of every area of the entertainment industry; filmmakers, actors, directors, producers, photographers, writers, -- you get the idea -- and these believers are passionately praying for God to send a revival and save souls in the entertainment industry there. They are going for the heart! They know if hearts are changed the industry will change what it's selling. These faithful ones called to serve Almighty God in Hollywood also know Hollywood has been calling the shots so to speak, and influencing an entire society (and world) with false promises and materialistic, idolatrous temptations of the flesh.
However, God is hearing the prayers of the HPN and He's raising up an army of His people in Hollywood and their numbers are growing and their influence is spreading. They are praying for others to join them! To date, HPN has 40 Chapters all over the U.S. now! There are 11 International Local HPN Chapters (including Asia, Australia, and Canada). Something very interesting, these people in the 11 international countries are well-organized HPN chapters PRAYING FOR THE U.S. ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY because they want to see a revival of hearts in the U.S. entertainment industry!!!! They are fully aware of the influence it is having on --not just our own back yard-- but the world!
Grace was involved in a HPN Prayer Vigil at a church in Hollywood area. The HPN members signed up to come in at designated times so they would be praying around the clock. The walls in their prayer room were covered with photos of well-known actors and actressess and they were prayed for by name. HPN has a newsletter and keeps up with the popular performers so they can effectively pray for them!
There is something we all can do to see enriching, edifying, joyful and encouraging entertainment pour out of Hollywood and into our local theaters and TV screens. Karen has mentioned three things on the HPN website:
1-Please commit to pray that God would bless their mission field with His Presence to see Him "heal our land and transform hearts."
2-Request materials to pass on to friends, families, and pastors to spread the vision to pray for Hollywood as a mission field.
3-Encourage talented believers to join the mission field to shine more of Christ's light in Hollywood.
4-Support financially with a tax-deductible donation to help keep the ministry of prayer for Hollywood alive. Send your donations to: Hollywood Prayer Network, 1763 N. Glower St., Hollywood, CA, 90028.
You, know, we pray for missionaries in countries all over the world....and that's what we should be doing!!!! And our own country needs our prayers, too! I am sharing what I have learned about HPN and I'm overjoyed that God is working in Hollywood and His people there need our prayers to help fulfill the Great Commission!
Will you visit the HPN website and check out what they are doing? Will you visit the Hollywood Prayer Network on Facebook and read and pray through the list of compassionate requests for Hollywood's stars and their struggles in stardom?
Here's the Atlanta Chapter Link. Will you pray for God's people who are taking a stand against the darkness? They ARE making a difference. They need our prayers to keep going.
Love & blessings,