Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Intro for Week #3 Polly's Summer Online Book Club Study

Hello Sistas! Here's the introduction to Week #3 of Beth Moore's book, Living Free! I pray you are being nourished by studying the word of God this summer.
The theme of this week's material is "To Glorify God" and that is certainly our desire. May God be glorified by our willingness to stop our busyness of activities this summer to draw near to Him. May He strengthen, encourage, and bring us more and more joy in Him because we want to know Him better. For His glory...and our good. I pray even our own families will be richly blessed because we are seeking Him in this season!
Please don't hesitate to make comments and/or ask questions on this blog. Just look below this video and see the 'Post A Comment' section. Go for it, Sistas!
Love & blessings,