Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Are You Driving With Your Lights On?

"Are You Driving with Your Lights On?" is an excerpt from the upcoming devotional book, Totally Devoted 3 by Polly Balint. Publication date is is targeted for late September 2012.

Our country is recklessly driving down the road to Babylon, in my opinion. We used to be joyfully carpooling and faithfully driving the speed limit--so to speak--obeying all the laws on the King's Highway that leads to LIFE.
However! We have turned off the road that takes us there. We have made a wrong turn because we have been driving in the dark without our lights on. Jesus is the Light and we, as a nation, don't think we need Him anymore. So, here we are, in the dark, America, where we seem to be doing what's right in our own eyes! We, with law-breaking speed, are accelerating toward the town of Captivity; also known as Babylon. Babylon is the place where God judges blatant, rebellious, ongoing sin. So after much patience and compassion, He rises up in His righteousness and judges rebellion and sin. For God's people there is always Hope--and our hope is in His Son Jesus. Please read (2 Chronicles 7:14).
May God have mercy on US.
For His Glory,
Copyright 2012 Totally Devoted 3 by Polly Balint.