Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Maybe God's People Should be Asking Ourselves

Today, along with many Americans, I've been prayerfully remembering the horrific, massive attack of 9/11/01 on the United States of America. Our country has tremendously suffered and continues to grieve over the excruciating loss of so many loved ones.
I've watched special programming tonight on TV, of videos and interviews. Air traffic controllers shared emotional testimonies -- from that nightmare of a day -- of their sense of helplessness as they listened to flight attendants on the radio calling for help because one of the pilots had his throat sliced open. Other audio recordings were of the voices of flight attendants giving physical descriptions of the terrorists on their plane. The graphic films on the devastation were hightlighted on several TV stations tonight. It brought me back to the day it happened and so many films exposed the graphic aftermath of death, destruction, and countless survivors on street corners in New York City who were anxiously showing pictures of their lost loved ones. It went on and on with sad testimonies of firemen, policemen and NYC officials. Watching these various progams to honor the heroes and remember the event was heartbreaking... all over again. We should remember!
If this widespread, crushing event of 9/11-- an all-out brutal attack on our country -- did not birth a Spiritual Awakening in U.S., what will it take to turn our hearts back to GOD, as a nation? LORD, have mercy on U.S.
As a child of God, have you thought about this question?  What is it going to take for us to turn our hearts back to God? What is the United States of America going to have to endure to experience a Spiritual Revival? I'm just asking a question here. I am a child of God and I am American citizen. I love God and I love my country. What should we do, my brothers and sistas? What do we need to do, NOW?   (2 Chronicles 7:14)
May GOD have mercy on U.S.