Friday, December 7, 2012

Deck the Halls with Bows from Polly

We have lived in our wonderful home for 12 years. Our God sustains us and provides for us every moment and we give HIM glory for always blessing our family! I want to share a life application of Psalm 37:4  -- "Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart."--that I have experienced in our home this week.
My precious Don and I have learned over the years  -- as most homeowners realize -- that when you hit the 10-year mark in a home, household appliances begin to wear out, rooms need to be repainted, houses need new roofs, basements need to be finished and decks need to be replaced.
Well, in this 2012 Christmas season of "Deck the Halls" we are having to re-deck our deck. (Is that a word, re-deck?) Too late, I already used it! We partly blame ourselves for probably not properly protecting the treated wood but over 12 years it's been dried out by scorching summer heat; it's been snow-covered and often rain-soaked.The deck faces west.
Below is a picture of the beginning of the renovation that started yesterday. Obviously the workers have begun because the railings have just been removed.
Ground view
Deck view
The work to simply replace the deck began when Don was out of town on a business trip. He made the simple arrangements before he left with Mike and David Joiner of Joiners Home Services, who have previously done a lot of repairs and restorations in our home. They were hired to replace our deck. They're faithful Christians who work diligently, charge fairly, and do excellent work!
On the first day, after Mike and David returned from hauling off the first load of rotted railings and returned with fresh lumber, Mike said to me, "David asked me if I thought you might want to make any changes to the your deck since we're about to tear it apart and rebuilt a new one. And that's a good thought. We're already here to  work on it anyway. Would you like to make any changes?"
Mike did not realize that God was using him to give me a desire of my heart. I didn't tell anyone what my little desire was, either. I have always enjoyed spending time on our deck whether it wsa eating with my family, entertaining, having my morning coffee, writing, or having quiet time. Yep. I am an outdoor girl.
So when Mike asked me that question, my heart leaped because for about 10 years I have thought about extending our deck for more outdoor living space! I never brought up the idea over the years -- for financial reasons -- and then as years sped by and the wood faded, I knew for us to have an extension it would not match the existing material.  Yesterday, when Mike asked me if I wanted to make changes to the deck, I didn't hesitate. I said, "Yes!" He and David smiled at me and we discussed options. I shared my vision for the expansion; to extend to the end of the kitchen windows. We talked some more and they said they could do it. I said that I needed to call Don and ask if he's okay with the idea. I truly was willing to go with whatever Don wanted to do. He is a wise and godly leader in our home.
 Deck extension underway
(Lexie, my personal assistant on the deck.)

When Don was able to call me back I described the situation and he hesitated....I held my breath...and he said, "Ok, that's fine."  I said, "It's okay?" He again said, "Tell them to go ahead." We hung up and I danced and bounced around the house like Tigger.  I had wanted this for years but I never told anyone because it was not a need, and it was not urgent. I knew then that God had given me a desire of my heart. I didn't deserve it. I didn't earn it. My LORD,  in His love for me, in His grace toward me, wanted to do this for me.To me, it's a big deal adding more square footage to our deck. Everything God does is a big deal. That's who He is toward His children. He really, really loves us!

Joiners Home Services framing the extension
I pray my sharing of God's lovingkindness toward me will give Him praise and honor and glory! I bow before Him. Hey, that reminds me of a song: "Deck the halls with bows from Polly..." or something like that, right?  Sorry, but when you have a marketing mindset, you often come up with puns!
"Glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt HIS name together!" Psalm 34:3
Merry Christmas Everyone!