Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Snake Whisperer to the Rescue!

It's May and the weather has turned into summer! That means I'm all decked out on our new and improved deck in our back yard. While I was enjoying the bird's eye view of our plush back yard -- we've had tons of rain and everything looks beautiful -- I noticed something long and black in the grass below. Hmmmm. We live in a country club neighborhood that was built in a country setting of cow pastures, hog farms and chicken coops. There are still a few remnants of old buildings behind our neighborhood where all kinds of critters still dwell. I knew the warm weather would bring out snakes. And yes, it was a snake in the grass and it was alive! It had to go. We have a curious little dog, Lexie, who I call my Personal Assistant because she is. (More about Lexie later in another post.) Also our neighborhood has lots of children who freely run about and I didn't want to see one of them step on the snake.
I went out to the front yard to warn my neighbor who I knew was in her front yard working while the neighborhood children were playing. I told her that there was a live snake that may be heading for her yard. She called to one of her children to get Hunter, a boy on our street who we all know loves snakes. Hunter the Snake Whisperer quickly showed up carrying a large empty cooler and he had several other children trailing behind him.  The first neighborhood adventure of the summer was on! It was especially adventurous because while I was in my front yard recruiting help, the snake had left the center of my backyard and slithered into hiding. When the children gushed onto the scene I suggested the ones not hunting the snake get on the steps of our deck. There was so much excitement! It was hilarious.
They were squealing things like, "Get it, get it! Where is it?" And, "Oh, I see it! Where did it go?" And then, "There it is, get it, get it! Oh, it's gone again!" That's when I went inside to get a couple of my golf clubs --- a couple of irons so the boys could poke the monkey grass under the deck and force the snake to come out of hiding.
I think this young guy had my 4-iron. Hey, don't laugh, it worked!
The girls loved the show! The snake wriggled through that grass under the deck so quickly the boys had to work fast to corral it. The Snake Whisperer ran home to get gloves because he realized it was a Razor Black Snake and knew it would try to bite him when he grabbed it. Wh-a-a-at? Grab it? Well, he IS the Snake Whisperer.
Whew. They finally had the snake cornered next to the house and The Snake Whisperer grabbed it. Victory! He's a neighborhood hero to his helpers and cheerleaders.
The funny thing is, The Snake Whisperer said, "This is a baby snake." Oh great. That's just great. The mama snake and the rest of the family are probably close by. There may be another adventure coming soon.
Oh yes, MORE adventures. Well, Jesus came to earth that we might have abundant life (John 10:10) and that we can have it in all fullness. Are you living your life in the abundance He is offering? All I know is we were created  to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Are you having joyful adventures, too?