Saturday, June 15, 2013


God gave me a Superman for a husband. Wait, let me say that in another way. God gave me a SUPER Man for a husband and amazing father to our two wonderful daughters.His name is Don. No, he doesn't wear a cape but he is clothed in the righteousness of Christ. I call him SUPER Man because is a super man. He has endured many painful trials -- some have lasted years -- and he won't complain about any of them. By the grace of God he's miraculously survived two strokes that literally hit him back-to-back while he was in ICU in the hospital. He does not complain.
Picture is from Melbourne Beach, FL. Pictured: Don, Mary, Grace

He married me. He does not complain. That's one reason he's a SUPER Man. I was a wild child of God whose faith was in its infancy stages when we met and married. He and I both knew my salvation was secure and I was hungry to know God as deeply as He did. See, even that long ago he had enough knowledge of Scripture and godly wisdom to be a pastor. His wisdom continues to grow.
In a house full of females where hormones are not always harnessed, he remained manly and steady. He has always led our household in a Christ-like way: with love, wisdom, humility and by example. He doesn't feel the need to yell or get physical to make a point. He's kindhearted. Has a great, dry sense of humor. Very unselfish. Yep. His attitude is Christ-like.
This remains my favorite picture of my beloved family.
Dad and his daughters, Grace (center) and Mary.

Mary Balint with her Dad at her high school senior banquet at church.

Grace Balint and Dad at her senior recital @ Brenau University.
Please realize I am not saying my SUPER Man is perfect. No. And he will be the first one to say that he's a sinner in dire need of his Savior every day! What I know is that he is the godliest man I know. He strives to live what the word of God teaches -- and without complaints. He continues to take care of us in wise and loving ways. He has obviously followed the leading of Christ as our provider and protector of our home. Don's life is very hard at times and yet he carries around the grace of God and the joy of Lord everywhere he goes. He continues to strive to teach this to his family by living a life of love and matter how hard it gets.
Our daughters, Grace and Mary absolutely adore and respect him. And so do I.
Happy Father's Day to my SUPER Man. I love you dearly. We give GOD all the glory.