Sunday, August 30, 2015

We said, "Come FLOURISH With Us"....and many of you did!

The seeds to establish 
FLOURISH Women's Conference 
were planted in the heart and soul of Alison Everill.
She fearfully, prayerfully answered God's call. 
She told Him, "Yes."

Alison Everill
Songwriter, Worship Leader, Speaker, Concert Artist
Flourish Women's Conference Founder

“I have had a deep love for women’s ministry for many years,” says Alison. “I have taught ladies’ classes in my churches and have been very dedicated to seeing women grow. The desire to establish a women’s conference didn’t really become strong until about a year ago. I guess because I have such a strong desire to see women grow, the Lord had me branch out from church ladies’ ministry offering a local event where women from all walks of life and different churches could come together to center around God’s word and fellowship. To be honest, it was God’s idea, not mine."

She chose the name, FLOURISH, because it means ‘to thrive.’  “I want Flourish to live up to its name. I feel like so many ladies are just surviving and not thriving. I want Flourish to be known as an event that encourages women to live as God created them to live. Flourish is about leading women into that place of joy for what He has done for them." 

She was daily asking Him, "But how do I do this, LORD?"
HE showed her step by step what to do.
A team was formed. A poster was created.
A Flourish team video broke ground...

Here's the team during a planning/prayer dinner meeting and trying to be serious. Uh-huh. Not when you have the joy of the LORD!
From left: back row: Michelle Young, Marybeth Botts, Carol                                    Stover, Karen Chadwick  
                front row: Alison Everill, Polly Balint
Ticket sales were set up.
For your online ticket sales go to: 
and additional info for tickets @
Plans for Flourish sprouted additional teams: decorating, prayer, food service, and a hospitality team...and we began to blossom with more videos!!!!!! 

Meanwhile at the Flourish Conference site....

Compelled to encourage women to join us...just sayin'

Flourish Emcee Marybeth Botts created a sweet message....

...Then a new logo was created...

And just a reminder of the location....

And now we pray...for the team to BRING IT to you, and for all of you who will come and FLOURISH with the grace of God!

The goal of FLOURISH is the glory of God. Alison says, "I want women to walk away, no, float away on Saturday afternoon having had an experience with God that will catapult them into further depths of fellowship with the One who created them and loves them to the uttermost.”

Yep. Ladies, come FLOURISH us. 
--Polly Balint
FLOURISH Women's Conference
August 28 - Registration  -- 6pm --6:45 pm
                      Session 1 --  7 pm - 9 pm
August 29 - Session 2 -- 9:30 am - 2:30 
Tickets $22 --includes snacks, drinks and Saturday lunch
                   --go to
                   --or email to reserve your seat

Today is August 30 
and the FLOURISH Women's Conference 
was richly blessed by GOD in every way! 

And now we sing Hallelujah!