Thursday, June 9, 2016

for the daughters of the Property Owner

To all the daughters of the Property Owner,
Hey, Farmer Girl, we can't stop NOW! The heat may be turned up (physically and spiritually) but we've got to keep on plowing through each day, mowing down negative thinking, and sowing the life-giving seed of the gospel!

Our God, the Property Owner, has magnificent plans (see Jeremiah 29:11) for each one of us to bring glory to His Name. We have to prayerfully keep on loving and serving Him and others.  We must be daily studying and meditating on His Word. 

If we have been faithful in sowing prayers into heaven -- you know, pouring our hearts out to Him in fervent prayers...well, then we may be in a fruit-bearing season of those cries to Him! We must stay alert and obedient to see the fruit flourish! 

Come on, Sister, you are not alone. That "no one cares and you're all alone" junk is not from God. It's all a lie. Besides, whenever I believe that lie, I host a pity party and no one ever comes!  :)

The truth is we are the body of Christ. We are the light of the world. We are a sisterhood of women who follow Jesus! He has already promised to love us and take care of and forever!

So let's encourage each other to rise up together! Let's do this to glorify God!
For now, just SAVE THE DATE of October 3 for a girls night out hosted by Mt. Zion Women. This is a community-wide gathering. Seating is limited. Tickets will be $5. Coffee & Desserts (yes, chocolate) will be included. More info coming.

I love me some Sisters for the glory of our Father!