Tuesday, August 30, 2016

telling my story for God's glory. period.

Everybody has a story. A life story. Ups. Downs. Roller coaster-type stuff of deep valleys and mountaintop experiences.  Christians believe all of these highs and lows are intentional from the hand of God. His sovereignty, the Providential plan of God. We believe the truth of God's Word -- He creates all things and controls all things. He always has and He always will. 

He turns darkness into light, sickness into wellness, ugly situations into beautiful outcomes. He's like that. He has this power of unconditional love for His people and no one can measure His passion because it is so great. God has unlimited power of His will and no one can stop His plans. He's absolutely awesome. 

And God gives everyone life stories to share with others so His greatness and goodness can be seen more clearly. This is how He is glorified. Christians love to tell these stories because no one can do what God can do! 

And I'm about to share mine with you. But first, I want to mention that I was invited to become a host of Cherokee Talk radio show on GRACE Radio 102.9 FM. It's a local radio station with a global worldview.  After I hosted a couple of shows, the station owner told me he wanted me to be interviewed so all the listeners who know who I am as the host.

Those who know me have already heard most of this story. But it's the story God has given me to tell. 

Whenever the lovely, godly Elisabeth Elliot  used to show up in Atlanta as one of the stops in her speaking tour, I showed up, too, because she was one of my mentors. (She didn't know me by name.) Her story is a heartbreaking testimony. Yes. Her journey very hard and very beautiful. She told it with so much grace.

But I recall her saying to thousands of women at one of the conferences I attended, "I asked the Lord one time, 'Why do you keep having me re-telling my story of the slaughter in Ecuador by the Auca Indians, Jim's death, and raising Valerie without a father? Why can't I share something else?' And God said to my heart, 'Because this is the story I have given you to tell."'  

So all of you sisters out there, God has given each one of us a story to tell for His glory. We show others who Jesus is by telling our stories! 

Here's mine:
Cherokee Talk radio with Polly Balint

Tell your story, Sister. Bring our Father glory.