God calls some people to preach His word, some to sing His praises, some to teach His word, and others to simply be a witness to others. There is no doubt that God has called Polly to write devotions to encourage, inspire, and "bless the socks off" her Sistas. With each devotion that I read and study, I find myself asking, "How did she know that I was feeling like that?" ...Through her Scripture-based devotions for "women on the go," she reminds us that with God all things are possible, that God never fails, and that God understands, forgives, and treasures all of us Sistas." -- Tammy Castleberry, Principal, Macedonia Elementary School. 

"Polly Balint is a contagious woman. She is passionate about her Savior and desires that others know Him and His unconditional love. As you read her writings you understand that having a real and loving relationship is not just words she speaks of. Her words are what she experiences on a daily basis. Her writing compels you to have that level of intimacy with the One who desires for you to live and walk in unconditional love." --Dawn Mooring, Author, Bible Study Teacher, and Founder of Isaiah 6 Ministries.

Having the privilege to pour over the contents of Totally Devoted has allowed me the opportunity to pour over my heart and evaluate my own Spiritual growth. God gives each of us an opportunity to go very deep in discovering an indescribable closeness with the One who gave all. Polly has seized this opportunity and I love watching her find beautiful nuggets of truth in the "everyday grind" of life and especially in the Word of God. Her smile is contagious, her love for Jesus is exhilarating and fun, her passion to teach and to mentor others, like me, a calling that she stakes her very life on. In all things, I believe Polly continuously  seeks the face of her King and to have an obedient heart for the will of God. If this is what you seek for your life, then Totally Devoted is a must have. Enjoy the's an awesome place to go!" -- Jamie Williams, CFP, Founder Five Talents Wealth Management, Inc.

 "Polly, this brings tears to my eyes! The art and graphics portray the smile and feminine perfection, which is your personal wrapping paper on the outside, and inside the words which nail me to the wall like a meat cleaver thrown from a mom so passionately loving that she'll stop you in your tracks, pin you to the wall by your shirt and say, 'Listen to me, these are the things that will change your life.'" -- Diane Oberkrom, Founder, The Soul Food Market, Inc. 

Polly's love and concern for her Sistas is evident in this delightful Scripture-based collection of devotions!  She weaves multiple passages of Scripture into every lesson, making this book a vehicle for god to speak directly to those of us today who are seeking His presence. Her energy, enthusiasm, and creativity will inspire you, without a doubt! --Candi Hannigan, Executive Editor, Around About Magazines.

I have been blessed by sitting in a Bible study with Polly. I have witnessed first-hand Polly sharing her devotions with some of the teens we work with, and I am so excited to see more people will be filled with the Holy Spirit by reading Polly's book. What is even more exciting is that Polly has been able to capture my heart with this book. She has a gift and an ability to connect and make each Sista feel as if each devotion is especially for her! -- Amy Turcotte, Female Sports Chaplain, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). 

Polly Balint is filled with the Holy Spirit. It has truly been a blessing sto host Polly and the Light Lunch Sistas each week. Polly's enthusiasm to share His word is infectious. I'm confident that as you ready Totally Devoted 2 you will further embrace your relationship with the Lord. You won't want to put the book down! -- Jill Marden, Office Manager, Southeast Restoration Group.

Polly truly knows the heart of a woman in writing her daily devotions for Totally Devoted. I became hooked after the first one and felt she was giving me insight to passages I thought I already knew, along with reading good personal stories. They are full of rich Scripture and insight and I recommend any woman with a heart to become more Christ-like. -- Karen Covell, Founding Director, Hollywood Prayer Network.

I just finished reading your devotions. These are great! Practical applications and helpful insights illustrated by your own willingness to be transparent about your own heart do a great job of reminding us to hear the Lord's voice about the maddening crowd. I would love to recommend and want to read your other devotional books. You go, Girl! -- Beth Stull, B.C.C.L.C./Office Manager, Access Strategies, Inc. 

I have been under Polly's teaching and leadership previously and I can tell you that Polly is passionate about her relationship with the Lord. Polly's devotion is contagious and her writings are relevant, convicting, encouraging, and chock-full of refreshing Scripture which I love! Every woman in every season can benefit from Polly's passion and devotionals. -- Dana Bannister Coleman, Realtor, Harry Norman Realtors.